Our Doctors

Every hospital treats patients. At Grady, we strive to treat them better, more efficiently, and more effectively. We have two full, in-house trauma teams to provide trauma coverage every hour of every day. The mission to care for all who need us attracts physicians from across the nation, and most are employed by the Emory and Morehouse schools of medicine. They are drawn here by the knowledge that we test the limits of medicine by innovating existing standards of care and exploring novel treatments.

And every trauma team member has been specially trained and certified to handle trauma cases. That means, for example, that our trauma surgeons are some of the most highly trained physicians in the country, having completed a five-year surgical residency, another two years of trauma and critical care training, and typically, another two years developing a surgical specialty.

The intensity of our training and our zeal for innovation is demonstrated by the fact that Grady has been an early adopter of a variety of modern medical practices and techniques. For example, we were one of the first trauma centers to embrace Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) to care for trauma patients who are bleeding to death from injuries to their chest, abdomen, or pelvis. The technique maneuvers a flexible catheter into the aorta and inflates a balloon at its tip to stop the bleeding. The procedure buys time for surgeons to repair the injury and save the patient.

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Our Doctors

Patricia  Ayoung-Chee
Patricia Ayoung-Chee

Medical Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Elizabeth R. Benjamin
Elizabeth R. Benjamin

Trauma Medical Director

April  Grant
April Grant

Associate Medical Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Jonathan H. Nguyen
Jonathan H. Nguyen

Associate Trauma Medical Director

Samual R. Todd
Samual R. Todd

Chief of Acute Care Surgery

Advance Practice Providers

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Alicia Edwards, ACNP
Brett Grane, ACNP
Jillian Johnson, ACNP
Adrienne Kelly, ACNP
Angela Miller, ACNP
Tarannum Rupani, ACNP


Tyler Blomquist, ACNP
Shaina Contigiani, PA
Fernanda Costa, ACNP
Diane Griggs, ACNP
Emma Hall, ACNP
Jessica Hoeffler, PA
Lynzee Lawyer, ACNP
Brian McKown, PA
Keisha Prayor, ACNP
Laqunita Smith, ACNP
Crystal Szczepanski, ACNP
Kaitlyn Williams, ACNP

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