Brookhaven Health Center

Grady’s Neighborhood Health Centers offer primary care and more for men, women and children of all ages. Primary care is having one doctor (or clinic) for all of your general healthcare needs. It is an important part of staying healthy. Grady’s primary care doctors offer complete care for all parts of your body and for … Continue reading Brookhaven Health Center

Douglas Ricks

I SAID TAKE HIM TO GRADY. When Officer Douglas Ricks arrived at Grady – doctors quickly spotted the signs of stroke and rushed to treat him. Unless I told you I had a stroke you probably wouldn’t know it. From the minute I arrived, the care was above and beyond. Grady treated me like I … Continue reading Douglas Ricks

Jonathan Grunberg

I FELL 45 FEET TO THE GROUND – FEET FIRST. My ankles were shattered on both legs. When I got to Grady, I asked the doctors to do what they could to save my feet. Dr. Mara Schenker was amazing. Her job was to figure out how to piece together a puzzle. It was something … Continue reading Jonathan Grunberg

Family Birth Center Tour

Schedule a free walking tour of Grady’s maternity accommodations. During the tour, parents will visit the Delivery Suites and the Mother Baby Units. Visitors will also meet our caring and skilled nurses, doctors and midwives who will be part of the delivery team and welcome your baby into the world. They will be also available … Continue reading Family Birth Center Tour

Just for Seniors

If you don’t have the same health issues as your 6-year-old grandson, why go to his doctor? The average kid doesn’t have much in common with the typical senior citizen, so sharing a family doctor may not be in a senior’s best interest. Studies show that seniors’ health problems tend to be unique and require … Continue reading Just for Seniors