Every hospital treats patients. At Grady, we strive to treat them better, more efficiently, and more effectively. Our mission to care for all who need us attracts neurologists and other specialists from across the nation. They are drawn here by the knowledge that we test the limits of medicine by innovating existing standards of care, researching cutting-edge drugs and therapies, and exploring novel treatments. Our zeal for innovation has given Grady a national reputation for medical advancement in areas like stroke and neurological diseases.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Faiz U. Ahmad

Director, Spinal Neurosurgery and Trauma Neurosurgery

Dr. Aaron M. Anderson

Vascular Neurology, Psychiatry & Neurology

Dr. Samir R. Belagaje

Director, Stroke Rehabilitation, Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center

Dr. Nicolas A. Bianchi

Neurology, Vascular Neurology

Dr. Monica S. Branch

Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Chantale Branson

Pulmonary & Critical Care

Dr. Michael R. Frankel

Chief of Neurology, Director of Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center

Dr. Jane L. Gilmore

Neurology, Internal Medicine, Neurocritical Care

Dr. David A. Gimbel

Neurological Surgery

Dr. Diogo C. Haussen

Neuroendovascular, Neuropsychology

Dr. Mark J. Hinrichs

Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Gustavo Pradilla

Chief of Neurosurgery

Dr. Roger P. Simon

Neurology, Internal Medicine

Dr. Tommy T. Thomas

Neurocritical Care, Neurology