Women’s Health Center

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Full Continuum of Women’s Health Care

Grady’s Women’s Health Center offers specialized care to meet a woman’s health needs throughout her life.

We offer the highest quality care for every step of your life – from your first routine gynecologic exam, through pregnancy and motherhood, and into your menopausal years.

Our obstetricians, gynecologists, and other women’s health team members understand that medical care evolves during a woman’s life stages. We offer it all, from routine exams to complex, intensive treatments.

Our team members treat thousands of women each year. But they specialize in each patient’s individual needs. We provide the best treatment available in Georgia, the support you need, and the help necessary to let you maintain your daily routine.

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Why Choose Us

Grady’s Women’s Health Center offers world-class care. Our providers can handle routine annual physicals and tests, help you with reproductive health, provide the care you need to have a healthy baby, and help you manage your ongoing health.

And they are your gateway to Atlanta’s most comprehensive suite of medical services, which Grady has built over more than 125 years.

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What We Treat

Grady offers care for every woman’s life stage, including:

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Woman’s Health

Whether you’ve just had your first period or you are a great-grandmother, you need special care from providers who understand your reproductive system. Grady gynecologists work with a multidisciplinary team of medical experts to keep you healthy throughout your life.

The list of women’s conditions and diseases we treat is comprehensive. Grady provides routine physicals and tests that are necessary to protect your health. But when problems develop, we can care for them. For example, we treat infections and sexually transmitted diseases; tumors and cancers of the uterus, ovaries and pelvis; the various pains that are unique to women, and menopause issues.

Grady Women’s Health specialists routinely handle pelvic floor issues such as urinary incontinence or bladder control, back pain, constipation and muscle spasms. We treat hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, and fibroid tumors.

Our mission is to provide the care needed to prevent health problems from occurring. While we work with women of all ages, we offer special services for teenagers, who are often just beginning to understand the unique issues women face.

Learn more about gynecologic conditions here.

Reproductive Health

We provide complete reproductive health care for women at all stages of life. Good reproductive health means that people are able to have a safe and satisfying sex life, can reproduce, and have the freedom to choose if, when, and how to have children. As part of this mission, we offer:

  • Adolescent care to help young women manage the changes their bodies experience and the emotional issues associated with those changes. This care includes information about and prescriptions for birth control.
  • Family planning services to help women manage pregnancy. We can help women to choose the type of contraception that is best for them and their lifestyles.
  • Sexually transmitted infection treatment to cure infections and other conditions that can be barriers to close relationships.

Again, our goal is to protect women’s health and provide them with the options they need to manage their lives.

Learn more about reproductive health here.

Pregnancy and Obstetrics

Any hospital can deliver a baby. We provide care that ensures the best outcomes for mothers and their children. Our mission is to set women up for the first three years of their babies’ lives – so the prolonged outlook is as good as it can be.

We do this by offering some services that are unique to Grady in Atlanta.  For example:

  • Centering Pregnancy is a special prenatal program that is offered at only a handful of specially accredited Georgia hospitals – and only at Grady in Atlanta. The program is designed to create support groups of women whose babies are due on similar schedules. In addition to getting regular prenatal visits and examinations, program participants routinely meet in groups to learn to care for their own health and that of their babies.
  • Baby Friendly encourages breast feeding, which has been shown to keep babies healthier. Grady is one of only two Atlanta hospitals certified to offer the program.
  • Talk With Me Baby is a program that encourages mothers and other caregivers to spend time talking to newborns. Research shows that the brains of infants who are talked to regularly tend to develop faster than those who are not. Early brain development means that children communicate when they are younger and perform better in school.

Grady also offers traditional obstetric care, which includes prenatal care and fetal assessments, such as ultrasounds.

Learn more about obstetric care here.

Labor and Delivery

More than 90 percent of U.S. births involve a complication. Grady’s experience with emergencies, trauma, and complications will protect you and your baby.

No one else in Atlanta has Grady’s experience with difficult medical conditions, unexpected complications, and high-risk pregnancies. As Georgia’s best and busiest trauma hospital, we know how to instantly respond to emergencies that occur with patients. We also have all the resources and expertise to treat any problem that may develop.

This is important because many emergencies that occur in the last stages of labor and delivery involve women who had never been identified as being at risk. When each second can make a difference in the health of a mother or her baby, you can count on Grady’s experience and expertise to offer the right care quickly.

Learn more about labor and delivery here.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Newborn babies who need intensive medical attention are often admitted into a special area of the hospital called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The NICU combines advanced technology and trained health care professionals to provide specialized care for the tiniest patients.

Grady’s Perinatal Center and NICU serve more than 40 counties in the north Georgia region. Premature and high-risk babies are cared for by a dedicated staff of neonatologists and neonatal nurses in our NICU. Our Angel II Neonatal Transport is a special mobile neonatal intensive care unit that stabilizes and transports sick and/or premature infants to Grady to receive special care.

Teen Services

Our team of reproductive health specialists includes physicians, nurses, social workers, and adolescent health educators who collaborate to provide teen-centered healthcare. Our health educators provide counseling and work with parents and students in local schools, churches, and local health agencies.

As adolescents begin to make important reproductive healthcare decisions on their own, it is important that they receive the best education and preventive information available. Grady’s Teen Center empowers adolescents by providing information and lifestyle coaching so they can make informed decisions.

Grady’s Teen Center offers confidential reproductive health services to males and females ages 12 – 19. Our services include:

  • Birth control (IUDs, Implanon, Depo Provera, and all other methods)
  • Gynecological care
  • Pregnancy testing
  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) testing and treatment
  • HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) testing
  • HPV vaccines
  • Sports physicals

Learn More

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Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

The best protection against cervical cancer is early detection.

Grady partners with the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) to provide cervical (and breast) cancer screening and diagnostic services to women 21 years of age or older living in Georgia.

You may be eligible for BCCP services if you:

  • Are 21-64 years old for cervical cancer screening
  • Are 40-64 years old for screening mammogram
  • Are uninsured or underinsured

To find out if you are eligible, please call (404) 489-9000 and choose the option for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.

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Make an Appointment

Call (404) 616-1000, Monday-Friday, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. to schedule your appointment.

If you are an existing Grady patient and have a MyChart account, visit MyChart to request your appointment online.

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Locations and Directions

Grady Memorial Hospital
80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

OB/GYN Care - 2nd Floor
Family Birth Center - 4th Floor

Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4:30 PM

(404) 616-1000 (Main)
(404) 616-1000 (Appointments)

Parking is available

Public Transportation

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Grady Stories

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Our Doctors

Every hospital treats patients. At Grady, we strive to treat them better, more efficiently, and more effectively. Our mission to care for all who need us attracts physicians from across the nation. They are drawn here by the knowledge that we test the limits of medicine by innovating existing standards of care, researching cutting-edge drugs and therapies, and exploring novel treatments.

Our zeal for innovation has given Grady a national reputation for medical advancement in areas like women’s health, stroke, diabetes, infectious diseases, sickle cell, and other conditions cared for by specialists in our centers of excellence. Access to all of these accredited practices is available to every Grady patient and our collegial environment means that specialists routinely help to care for their colleagues’ patients.

Our women’s health specialists, who serve on the faculties of Emory and Morehouse medical schools, are drawn by Grady’s reputation and mission.