Grady Sponsors AHA Stroke Initiative


Grady is proud to be the Atlanta sponsor of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s “Together to End Stroke” initiative. As the number 1 preventable cause of disability and the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, knowing the warning signs and symptoms of stroke could save your life or the life of someone you love. 

“Education is a key component in helping to recognize and prevent stroke, because many risk factors can be modified and controlled if you know what to look for,” said Dr. Michael Frankel, Dr. Michael Frankel, Chief of Neurology and Director of Grady’s Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center and Professor of Neurology at Emory University. “The number one risk factor for stroke is high blood pressure. Millions of people have high blood pressure and don’t know it but, talking to your doctor about your blood pressure and monitoring it regularly could help you prevent a stroke in the future.” 

At Grady’s Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center, staff  teach the acronym F.A.S.T. to help patients recognize a stroke and what to do if they or someone they know experiences a stroke. Signs of stroke may include facial drooping (F), arm weakness (A) and speech difficulty (S). Time (T) is of the essence during a stroke and getting to a hospital as quickly as possible is critically important.

“When someone is having a stroke, every minute counts,” said Dr. Frankel. “The faster they can get to a hospital for assessment, the better their chances are for recovery.”