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Grady First Georgia Hospital to Use BrainScope

July 24, 2018

Grady Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in Georgia to introduce BrainScope One—a new technology that can quickly and safely assess patients with mild head injuries for possible brain bleeds.

Acclaimed for its emergency care services, the Grady Emergency Department now uses the hand-held device — right at the patient’s bedside. The EEG-based (electroencephalogram) technology allows physicians to determine the likelihood of a brain bleed and if a patient needs further evaluation and treatment.

“We’re using cutting-edge technology to make things faster and safer for our patients,” said Dr. Hany Atallah, Grady’s Chief of Emergency Medicine. “It answers the most pressing question when treating a potential traumatic brain injury: ‘Does the patient have blood in his head or not?’ And, if the answer is no, then he can be discharged, and we can treat the next patient who’s waiting for care,” Atallah said.

“BrainScope One is an efficient and cost effective way to assess most mild head injuries. The wait time before and after a CT scan is significantly longer when compared to the BrainScope One EEG test, which produces results that do not require a radiologist to interpret,” Atallah said. “The device will significantly reduce unnecessary head CT scans on patients who may not really need them.”