Educational Opportunities

Grady Health System offers many career paths for registered nurses. Whether you have many years of experience or have just completed your nursing degree, you can find a rewarding nursing position at Grady.

Grady nurses are an integral part of the patient care team. Our nurses provide the best and most advanced care available.

Find out more about what it takes to be a Grady nurse by calling (404) 616-6161.

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Clinical Rotation & Practicum Preceptor Placement

All Grady Health System patient care units (in all area locations) are potentially able to provide clinical rotation experiences for student nurses. The Grady Nursing Education Practice and Research Department facilitates clinical placement in coordination with its Legal Counsel and in coordination with Schools of Nursing clinical coordinators. School of Nursing Affiliation Agreements, Clinical Placement Requests and verification of immunization and TB status are required for all students. Students must be enrolled in the School of Nursing and acknowledged in by a clinical coordinator or program director indicating good standing with the school and particulars regarding the rotation. If you are interested in being considered for clinical placement rotations or preceptor practicums at Grady Hospital and meet these initial requirements please click the link to continue.

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Nurse Extern Program

Grady’s Nurse Extern Program allows rising seniors or soon-to-graduate nursing students to build clinical competencies. Externs work under the direct supervision of a RN mentor who will supervise and direct their learning needs. This is a paid summer position. The program consists of direct and indirect patient care experiences.

Learning Goals

  • Building bridges of opportunity
  • Enhance skill proficiency
  • Develop competencies through preceptorship
  • Develop and sustain a relationship with the new nurse
  • Provide practical experience with theory
  • Provide opportunities for development of critical thinking
  • Provide opportunities to experience multicultural norms
  • Provide opportunities to develop leadership skills through preceptorship
  • Maintain competency through ongoing training and validation

Required Documentation

  • Official school transcript (sealed)
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from instructors
  • Current BLS
  • Complete interview process
  • Complete extern orientation
  • Complete employment application and pre-employment health screen
  • Commitment to core 8-week program

Learn more about our Nurse Extern Program here.

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Nurse Shadow Program

Contact: Nurse Shadow

The Shadow a Nurse Program provides the individual that is considering pursuing a career in nursing the opportunity to “Shadow” a Grady Registered Professional Nurse. Each shadower must be approved by the Shadow a Nurse Coordinator and are limited to a maximum of 12 shadowing hours.

Contact the Nursing Education, Practice and Research Department thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated shadowing experience date.

  • Complete the Shadow a Nurse Program Application
  • Complete the Release and Waiver of Liability
  • Complete the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Statement
  • Submit a copy of your current TB Skin Test Results (must be within the last 12 months)
  • Submit proof of current Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot)
  • Submit a reference from an instructor, adviser, counselor or mentor
  • Receive and wear a visitor ID badge
  • Complete the Evaluation Form at the end of the experience

Click here to download the Shadow a Nurse Program forms. Fax completed forms to (404) 489-6149.

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Charge Nurse Leader Program

Contact: Charge Nurse

This workshop is primarily focused on the experienced Charge Nurse who may have in previous years attended a basic Charge Nurse workshop.  The workshop addresses Charge Nurses’ impact on organizational effectiveness and outcomes. The goal is to strengthen the nurse key leadership skills, knowledge, role execution and the management of service excellence.  The nurse is engaged in activities that promote advanced critical thinking, problem solving, strategy development and succession planning.

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New Nurse Boot Camp

Contact: Boot Camp

Boot Camp at Grady provides an opportunity for each registered nurse to gain confidence by “starting strong” in skills validation and comprehension. The Boot Camp focuses on best practices in skills application and techniques as well as equipment familiarity. Boot Camp delivers education, training and comprehensive preparation for evaluative processes to gain positive patient care outcomes.

Boot Camp is a two day “hands on” course requiring attendance of both days. The Boot Camp includes the following skills.

  • Dysrhythmia Recognition * Code Narrator
  • Foley Catheter Insertion, Removal, and Securement
  • Sending and Receiving Laboratory Specimens
  • Blood Specimen Collection from Central Lines
  • NG Tube/Oral Airway Placement and Removal
  • Chest Tube Management and Code Management
  • PCA/Smart Pump, Blood Administration, Tr Band
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Essential Critical Care Orientation (ECCO)

Contact: ECCO

Web-based learning program that is ideal both for nurses new to critical care as well as those with experience who seek to refresh their learning or fill knowledge gaps. The course, which has been authored by a team of AACN critical care nursing experts, includes 49 lessons and provides up to 69* continuing nursing education hours awarded by AACN. AACN is the world’s largest specialty nursing organization and an advocacy group for the health and welfare of individuals experiencing critical illness or injury.

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Nurse Re-Entry Program

This program is designed for the inactive RN to re-enter nursing practice as a Registered Professional Nurse.

Georgia Board of Professional Nursing documentation requiring completion of a Re-Entry/Refresher Course.


  • Assigned RN Preceptor
  • Extern Salary
  • Paid Tuition
  • Books
  • Assigned Area

To be admitted to this program, you must:

  • Apply as a Nurse Extern (2-year commitment)
  • Enroll in Kennesaw State University’s Re-Entry program
  • Complete a 160-hour Clinical Rotation at Grady

The Re-Entry Course is held at Kennesaw State University in May and December. You can find additional information on their web site. Please visit:
To view Grady Health System’s available Nurse Extern positions, please visit

Learn more about Nurse Re-Entry Program here.

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