Continuing Education

The EMS Department of Education and Staff Development is dedicated to supporting the goals of Grady Emergency Medical Services.

The Education Branch of the Department provides initial education in the field of Emergency Medical Services to civilians and EMS providers who wish to progress to a higher scope of practice. It is our goal to turn our brand-new EMS Providers that are satisfied with the successes they achieve through their service in EMS in Georgia and beyond. When providers have completed their initial education curricula, they should seek opportunities to continue and expand their education in order to stay abreast of changes in the ever-evolving science of medicine and applications these changes may have for prehospital medicine.

“Staff Development” encompasses the objectives of Training and Quality Assurance. QA should have the objective of identifying the performance gaps of our EMS Operation Division through their documentation and communication records. These information gaps should then be recorded and reported to the Training Branch. It is then the responsibility of the Training Branch to create courses or programs designed to eliminate knowledge gaps.

Vision Statement

To become a nationally renowned leader in EMS Education Staff Development.

Mission Statement

The Department of EMS Education and Staff Development is committed to evolving the field of Emergency Medical Services. We are committed to developing EMS providers into technically-skilled critical thinkers who are highly-motivated, ethical healthcare providers.

Continuing education is a valuable two-tier process. Tier One introduces innovations and new technologies for patient care and transport. Tier Two refreshes and reinforces previously acquired knowledge by revisiting topics and modalities of patient care.

The Education Department also provides continuing education by offering classes sponsored by the American Heart Association, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Classes offered by Grady EMS include, but are not limited to:

  •  Basic life support
  •  Advanced cardiac life support
  •  Pediatric education for pre-hospital providers
  •  Emergency Pediatric Care
  •  Pre-hospital trauma life support
  •  Advanced medical life support
  •  Geriatric emergency life support

To view a list of past research projects with which Grady EMS has been involved, click here.

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