Dr. Michelle Allen Michelle Allen, MD, FAAP, is the new pediatrician at Grady’s Camp Creek Comprehensive Care Center, and she is determined to make a positive difference in the health and well-being of children in more ways than one.

“The connection I make with a child from their first smile and first words, to taking their first steps and starting first grade, is a responsibility I do not take lightly. I am passionate about the health of children; it’s their vulnerability that fuels my passion to be their advocate.”

Allen, who did her residency at the Department of Pediatrics with Morehouse School of Medicine, said there are issues that affect children which cannot all be addressed in a clinical setting alone. That’s why she is also focused on healthcare access, specifically ensuring children always have insurance, and addressing the social determinants of children’s health.

“It is my goal to use my voice, time and efforts to advocate for children’s health at a legislative level so that certain issues are given a high priority within the government and not be cast aside. Medicine is a career driven by service, and that applies in more than one facet. I must do more to ensure no child is left behind when it comes to their health.”