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4 Tips to Avoid Workout Injuries

February 2, 2022

When you’re working on getting healthy, getting up and moving is a great way to start, but exercising is not a one size fits all solution. One of the most important keys to a successful workout routine is doing what works best for your body. This helps you get the most out of exercising while avoiding harming your body and health. Our team has four beginner tips to help you start on the right track and avoid injuries.

1. Don’t Start With Advanced Exercises
If you aren’t used to working out regularly, take it slow and work yourself up to more challenging activities. For example, going straight to running may not be the best idea, as it requires serious endurance. Try to start with walking. And once that becomes less difficult, you can gradually begin to pick up the pace. And, what works for a friend or family member, may not work for you. Be honest with yourself about where you are in your fitness journey.

2. Complete Your Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs
Many people skip these crucial parts of workouts, but they help keep you injury-free! Warming up for five to 10 minutes before can help you avoid injury during your workout while cooling down helps with muscle recovery. If you don’t start and end your workouts properly, you could experience muscle spasms and strains.

3. Stop Overtraining
You may think you need to exercise seven days a week, every week, to see results, but it’s just not true. Overtraining and not giving your body time to rest can make you more prone to injury. For your body to stay healthy, it must have time to recover. Schedule rest days in your routine to ensure you take breaks.

4. Stay Consistent
When you start working out and then abruptly stop, it affects your progress. It’s challenging to jump right back where you left off, and you will most likely have to work your way back up to the level you reached. Instead, focus on creating a workout schedule that works with your body. Consistency helps your chances of maintaining an exercise routine.

These four tips will set you up for some successful workouts, but always remember to talk to your healthcare provider about what may work best for you.

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Four Tips to Avoid Workout Injuries


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