Nurse Practitioner/Post-Graduate – Advanced Clinical Practicum Placement Request

Our Process

Students in need of Nurse Practitioner or Post-Graduate practicums are to submit the NP/Post-Graduate packet to request a preceptorship experience at Grady or in the Grady Clinics. Once the request has been approved, the student will be cleared for a preceptor assignment with an approved preceptor by the Student/Faculty Placement Coordinator. The Nursing Education, Practice and Research department does not secure a nurse practitioner preceptor, but will provide a list of available preceptors to the Clinical Coordinator or Nursing Program representative. The student will then be able to utilize this list and negotiate preceptor arrangements via email or telephone.

  • Each student is responsible for securing a preceptor and having that preceptor validate willingness to precept by signing and dating the appropriate form in the packet.
  • Requests will be processed according to received dates. Request for preceptors are cleared according to available staff to precept and approval by the unit directors.
  • Student Contact Information:

  • Practicum Request: