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What We Report

Our quality report cards are issued for specific conditions or procedures and compare the quality of our outcomes against the established standards for the treatment of the condition or performance of the procedure.

You may also view quality data reports for Grady Health System through these third-party sites:

Results posted on these sites reflect a rolling 12-month average and may not accurately convey progress toward achieving our quality objectives. For this reason, we have provided our most current quarterly performance. This data has been collected as part of our submission requirements but may not yet be displayed on the sites referenced above.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction measures our patients and families perception of the quality of care provided during their stay or visit.

We currently measure ten areas:

  • The Admission Process
  • The Comfort and Cleanliness of your Room
  • The Quality and Service of your Meals
  • The Care provided by Nurses
  • Your Experience during Tests and Treatments
  • Our Accommodations for your Visitors and Family
  • The Care Provided by Physicians
  • The Discharge Process
  • Our Attention to your Personal Needs
  • Your Overall Assessment of your experience with us

Grady has been working with Press Ganey since 2006 to measure and improve our patients' satisfaction. Press Ganey is a consulting company that provides surveying and reporting services to more than 7,000 healthcare facilities in the United States. This partnership allows us to compare our patient satisfaction metrics to those of other healthcare providers in our area and nationwide.

Patient Safety

Grady Health System strives to provide outstanding safety practices for our patients, their families, and our staff. We work closely with national and local regulatory agencies on all aspects of patient, medication, and environmental safety.

At Grady, education concerning these goals is ongoing and compliance is mandatory for all staff.

National Patient Safety Goals

  • NPSG 1: Improve the Accuracy of Patient Identification
  • NPSG 2: Improve the Effectiveness of Communication Among Caregivers
  • NPSG 3: Improve the Safety of Using Medications
  • NPSG 7: Reduce the Risk of Healthcare -Associated Infections
  • NPSG 8: Accurately and Completely Reconcile Medications Across the Continuum of Care
  • NPSG 9: Reduce the Risk of Patient Harm Resulting from Falls
  • NPSG 13: Encourage the active involvement of patients and their families in the patient's own care as a Patient Safety Strategy
  • NSPG 15: The Organization Identifies Safety Risks Inherent in its Patient Population
  • Universal Protocol (NPSG)
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Grants to Green
Launched in 2008, Grants to Green gives nonprofits the opportunity to renovate or build healthier work places that are energy and water efficient and environmentally efficient and provides environmentally focused knowledge and funding to strengthen nonprofits in the Atlanta region. The founding partners of Grants to Green are The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (www.cfgreateratlanta.org) providing expertise in grantmaking, and Southface (www.southface.org) providing expertise in energy efficiency.