Treating Hepatitis C

Treating Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a disease caused by a virus that infects the liver. In time, it can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, or liver failure. Many people have hepatitis C and never know it. Hepatitis C is not HIV and is different from hepatitis A and B. The good news: Hepatitis C can be TREATED and CURED!

You may be at higher risk of getting hepatitis C if you:

  • use needles to inject drugs
  • inhale (snort) drugs like cocaine
  • received a blood transfusion before 1992
  • have tattoos or piercings with non-sterile equipment
  • were born to a mother with hepatitis C

Get Tested & Treated

Hepatitis C can be treated and cured with medication. With just one pill a day, some of the newer medications cure more than 95% of people with hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C medications are covered by medical insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and patient assistance programs. Some drug companies provide free medication for those who need treatment and don’t have insurance.

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