Visitation Restrictions at Grady Health System


To ensure a safe environment for our patients and visitors amid the spread of 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we have updated our visitor policies. As this situation is evolving, please check for updates before each visit.

We understand the important role that family members and visitors play in a patient’s healing process, and aim to balance the needs of patients with maintaining a safe environment for all.


  • Labor and delivery patients can have one visitor throughout the patient’s stay.
  • NICU patients may have two visitors who must be the same visitors throughout the patient’s stay.
  • Patients at the end of life or receiving hospice care can have two visitors.
  • All minors (< 18 years of age) can have one visitor for the duration of their stay or visit.
  • A patient whose family or legal representative is essential to patient care and is medically necessary is permitted one visitor per day.
  • Patients having outpatient surgery may have one visitor to assist with arrival and registration only. The visitor will be contacted by phone when the procedure is over.
  • Patients with outpatient appointments can have one visitor if they need physical assistance or have cognitive or behavioral impairments.
  • Patients having inpatient surgery may have one visitor to assist with arrival and registration. One visitor will be allowed the same day of the patient’s discharge.
  • No visitors allowed in the emergency department. Limited exceptions will be made for minors and patients requiring cognitive or behavioral assistance.
  • No visitors under the age of 16 allowed in any of our locations.

All visitors will be required to wear a mask while in the hospital, our ambulatory clinics, neighborhood health centers, and infectious disease center.

Visitors will be screened before being permitted to enter patient care areas. Visitors who show signs of illness or fever will be asked to leave.

During this time, we encourage family members and friends to use alternative means to interact with loved ones  via phone and video calls (FaceTime, Skype, etc.), social media and other tools.

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