Visitation Restrictions at Grady Health System

Effective June 17, 2021, Grady Health System will allow two visitors per day for inpatients and those in our Emergency Department, with the following rules:

  • All visitors must wear a face covering at all times – including inside patient rooms.
  • Patients can have two designated visitors per day, except for end of life.
  • Visitors can be with their loved one in the hospital from Noon until 8 p.m. each day, except for end of life, which can happen at any time.
  • NICU patients may have two visitors who must be the same visitors throughout the patient’s stay. However, there can be only one visitor at a time at the bedside and only one visitor per day. Exceptions in NICU:
    • First Day of Admission – During the first 24 hours after admission, either parents or the mother’s birth support person may visit the patient.
    • Breastfeeding/Breast Milk Provision – The mother and father may visit the infant on the same day.
  • Visitors must be 18 years of age or older, except for end of life.
  • All visitors, vendors, delivery drivers, etc., must pass the health screen and wear a visitor sticker to show they have passed.
  • No visitors are allowed for patients diagnosed with or under investigation for COVID-19, except for end of life.
  • Visitors are asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain in the patient’s room as much as possible.
  • Visitors may visit the cafeteria, gift shop, chapel, and public waiting areas if they have their visitor badge visible and are wearing a face covering.
  • Visitors are not permitted in hallways on the patient floors unless directed by the care team.
  • If needed for the patient’s physical or emotional health, one support person may attend outpatient visits. All others must wait outside of the building until the patient is ready to leave.
  • Patients with appointments must not bring children to their appointment and must reschedule the appointment if childcare is not possible.

Any exceptions to the visitation policy must be approved by the designated Grady executive or administrator on call.

Grady Health System reserves the right to change the visitation policy at any time.

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