Treating Memory Loss

Memory Assessment and Care

Memory Assessment and Care

When your brain can’t store and recall life’s special moments, it’s devastating.

Most people experience occasional memory lapses. Sometimes, they are the side effects of stress or aging. But it’s important to understand that forgetting how to do things is not normal.

When memory lapses become more common, when they start to interfere with daily life, it is important to seek assistance, especially if you are older or are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Grady’s Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Outpatient Center is home to Atlanta’s regional Memory Assessment Center – one of just five in Georgia. We diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Connecting patients and their families to resources to improve quality of life and extend care at home.

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Location and Directions

Grady Memorial Hospital
80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

8th Floor

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 4:30 PM

(404) 616-1000 (Main)
(404) 616-1000 (Appointments)

Parking is available

Public Transportation

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Why Choose Us

The memory clinic at Grady’s Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center is dedicated to the complex needs of patients with dementia and their loved ones. We take a collaborative approach to care and treat problems that result from medical conditions, including diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, vascular problems, and other neurological disorders.

We have deep experience with both younger and older patients. We can diagnose the causes of early-onset dementia (memory issues at a younger age) and the neurological causes behind cognitive aging and older onset dementia.

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of cognitive function at the early stages of a problem, even as symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease begin to emerge. We can identify patients who may have risk factors for memory loss. And we have extensive experience providing outpatient care to persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, as well as other types of dementia.

Our team includes physicians, technicians, nurse practitioners, and social workers who specialize in memory issues. They have access to the newest and best clinical and research tools available to evaluate patients and treat complex cases.

This is why we have been designated Atlanta’s regional center for the Georgia Memory Net, a state initiative to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and connect affected patients and their loved ones to community resources available to help them.

No one in Atlanta offers better, more comprehensive neurological care than Grady.

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What We Treat

The memory clinic evaluates hundreds of patients each year. Our staff works closely with your physician to determine the cause of memory problems and prescribe appropriate treatment. After a thorough diagnostic evaluation, we meet with each patient’s loved ones to discuss our diagnosis and recommend ongoing treatment. Our goal is to help reduce the risk of further memory loss.

Education, intervention, counseling, and access to support groups are available to patients and family members. Because the clinic is involved in a variety of memory research activities, many patients have an opportunity to participate in clinical trials and other programs.

Some of the primary conditions we treat include the following:

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Get A Referral

Grady’s Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Outpatient Center accepts new patients with referrals from either primary care providers or other specialists.

Please ask your provider to complete the Grady Outpatient Referral Form and fax it to us. We will contact you to schedule an appointment. To check on the status of a referral for a new patient, please call (404) 616-9390 or (404) 616-4450.

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