Join the Evolution of Patient-Centered Care


At Grady, we are undaunted and unafraid — a team of the world’s finest, committed to improving the well-being of our entire community and blazing trails for the entire industry to follow. We think differently about how hospitals operate, and we’ve developed a new way of doing things that will be a game-changer in the world of healthcare.  The company we are keeping is quite impressive, too! As the only safety net hospital in the entire country that has developed this new process, we are now comparable to other world renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins and Yale New Haven.

In order to be successful, this new model will require a dedicated and connected workforce who share not only our excitement, but our dedication to serving all with compassion and excellence… that’s where you come in.

Clinical Care Coordinator (C3) – A New Path for Nurses

With innovative ideas comes innovative roles. As part of our evolution, Grady is hiring an all-new position, the Clinical Care Coordinator (C3). We’re looking for savvy RNs to help ensure that we deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time. We’re hiring compassionate nurses with a bit of tech know-how and case management experience, who understand the logistics needed to deliver exceptional patient care. Interested but think you don’t have the skills? We’ll train the right person.

Clinical Staff Managers

Clinical staff manager ensure we always provide exceptional patient care. They coach and support bedside RNs and provide an extra set of hands as needed. More importantly, they escalate cases to Clinical Care Coordinators to reduce length of stay and get patients home healthy and happy.

Bedside Nurses

We’re also committed to boosting our staffing ratios. So, we’re hiring more beside RNs than ever before. We want your sole focus to be on our patients and their families. We’re looking for nurses who have hearts a mile deep, smiles a mile wide, and are single-purposed in delivering safe, patient-centered care. Our new model gives you the strategy and support to make it happen.

What We Offer

Grady offers competitive salary and benefits, 401k, tuition assistance, flexible scheduling, and more. We also offer something that others can’t — the opportunity to connect to your purpose and come to work knowing that you are making a positive impact on the community. Most will go their entire careers without knowing what that feels like.

Are you in?

We believe that the best way to get a patient home to their loved ones happy, healthy, and as safely as possible, starts with this groundbreaking approach that will improve how we communicate, how we operate, and how we connect to our patients and our staff.  It takes teamwork and non-conventional mindsets.  It takes innovation and cutting edge technology. It takes the courage to love all with open arms, and it takes people who find a sense of purpose in helping others because it’s in their blood. It’s their duty, their calling, their passion.

So…are you ready to make a difference?  Are you in?

Let’s Get Started!