Grady Pet Therapy Program

At Grady, it’s no longer just doctors or nurses taking care of patients. The health system is delivering paws-on care too. With the launch of the Pet Therapy Program, patients, families and staff from all areas within the hospital now receive special visits from certified therapy dogs.

They routinely visit various clinical and non-clinical areas in the main hospital. For many patients and staff, it’s one of the most highly anticipated parts of their day.

Research has shown that specially trained dogs can substantially ease patients’ physical and emotional pain.

Lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health, reduces overall physical pain, encourages patient to move.

Emotional and Mental
Lessens depression, loneliness and anxiety, increases socialization, provides comfort, improve mood, and creates motivation for patients to recover faster.

At Grady, patients are at the center of everything we do. As the largest safety-net hospital in Georgia, we have the experience and expertise to know that a positive patient experience goes beyond providing excellent clinical care. Our Pet Therapy Program is part of Grady’s culture of delivering high quality care.

Take a moment to meet the incredible dogs that are making a big difference.

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