Donna Keen Donna Keen has been in the operating room (OR) at Grady since 1973, and is described by many who have worked alongside her as a veritable legend. Her expertise as an OR nurse has made her a go-to resource for attendings especially, who rely on her during complex procedures.

“In those cases with the most severely injured trauma patients, you want her experienced hands in the room with you. Donna knows what you need before you even have to ask for it. She is a comfort to surgeons and patients alike,” said Grady trauma surgeon Dr. Randi Smith.

OR nurses are responsible for all aspects of patient care during surgery, including assessing and prepping patients, managing medical equipment, assisting with procedures and ensuring a sterile environment is maintained. Keen said her ultimate purpose is clear cut: do whatever you can to save your patient.

“You see trauma patients in the worst state of their lives when they are about to have surgery. They are vulnerable and dependent on strangers for help. I meet their needs with compassion and hope, and do whatever I can to make a difference,” Keen said.

Keen has no intention of stopping, because what keeps her at Grady are the people and what they do for their patients.

“Grady has the best surgical staff who perform miracles every day, and I’m very honored to be a part of that. I love this place.”