Graduate Survey – Radiologic Technology

Graduate Survey

  • Graduate Information

  • Employment
  • I. Knowledge Base (Cognitive Domain)

    INSTRUCTIONS: Consider each item separately and rate each item independently of all others. Select the rating that indicates the extent to which you agree with each statement. Please do not skip any rating. Select N if you do not know about a particular area.
    5= Strongly Agree 4 = Generally Agree 3 = Neutral (acceptable) 2 = Generally Disagree 1 = Strongly Disagree N = Not Applicable
  • The Program:
  • II. Clinical Proficiency(Psychomotor Domain)

    The Program:
  • III. Behavioral Skills(Affective Domain)

    The Program:
  • IV. General Information

  • V. Overall Rating of the program

  • VI. Additional Comments

  • Thank you!
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