Background Check – Drug Screen Policy

All students accepted in the Schools of Radiation and Imaging Technologies are required by Grady Health System (GHS) to undergo a criminal background check and drug screen test prior to enrollment in the program. This procedure is conducted after a student has been provisionally accepted into the program. Students are responsible for all charges incurred for these screens. If the student has lived in states other than Georgia or has lived in other countries, additional fees for searches will apply. The Student Package (background check and drug screen) must be ordered online through website by the date designated by the program. Results are accessed by GHS Human Resources’ employee on-boarding coordinator and student placement coordinators of the clinical affiliates. Unsatisfactory/positive results of the criminal background check and/or drug screen will result in ineligibility for admission to the program.

A clinical facility reserves the right to remove a student from the facility for suspicion of substance abuse, including alcohol. The clinical facility reserves the right to request that the student submit to a repeat drug screening at the student’s expense. Failure to comply will result in the student’s immediate expulsion from the facility.

The drug screen follows National Institute on Drug Abuse guidelines and screens for eleven substances. Test results that fall outside of any acceptable ranges are considered positive test results. Any positive result (unless the student has a physician’s documentation of need for the drug) will exclude student placement in the program.

Criminal background check criteria include:

  • Georgia Statewide Criminal Records – GCIC
  • If applicant has resided outside the State of Georgia within the past 7 years then those additional jurisdictions will be searched.
  • Violent Sexual Offender and Predator Registry search (aka Nationwide Sexual Offender Registry)
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Residency History
  • Nationwide Health Care Fraud and Abuse Scan
    Search includes – Medicare & Medicaid Sanctioned, Excluded Individuals, Office of Research Integrity (ORI), Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA), FDA Debarment Check, Office of Inspector General (OIG)-List of Excluded Individuals/Entities, General Services Administration (GSA)-Excluded Parties List.
  • US Patriot Act Search
    Search includes – OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons, OFAC Sanctioned Countries, including Major Cities & Ports, Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories, Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties, U.S. Bureau of Industry & Security (formerly BXA) – Unverified Entities List Denied Entities List, Denied Persons List, FBI Most Wanted Terrorists and Seeking Information, FBI Top Ten Most Wanted, INTERPOL Most Wanted List, Bank of England Sanctions List, OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List, United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List, Politically Exposed Persons List, European Union Terrorism List, World Bank Ineligible Firms.