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Dr. Travis W. Blalock

Dr. Travis W. Blalock, MD, FAAD, FACMS

Dr. Travis W Blalock sees patients primarily at Emory Clinic and is also on staff at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Decatur. His primary focus is Dermatologic Surgery including treatment of skin cancers with a specialized surgical procedure called Mohs Micrographic Surgery.


  • Dermatology

Board Certifications

  • ABMS Dermatology


  • Scripps Health


  • Emory

Education & Training

  • Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine
  • Internship: University of Tennessee School of Medicine
  • Residency: Medical School of GA

Honors & Awards

Medical College of GeorgiaÕs Division of Dermatology Marshall A. Guill Resident Teaching Award for 2010-2011 Academic Year

Inaugural Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center Department of Dermatology - Dr. Dennis Weigand Faculty Teaching


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