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Dr. Michael McDaniel

Dr. Michael C. McDaniel, MD

Dr. Michael McDaniel is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at Emory University. Dr. McDaniel serves as the director of the cardiac catheterization lab at Grady Hospital and is board certified in cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology, and endovascular medicine. His academic and clinical interests include the treatment of acute pulmonary embolism and acute coronary syndromes.


  • Cardiology & Interventional Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Disease/Cardiology

Board Certifications

  • ABMS Internal Medicine


  • Emory University School of Medicine


  • Emory

Education & Training

  • Medical School: Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine
  • Internship: Emory University School of Medicine
  • Residency: Emory University School of Medicine


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