PGY-2 Emergency Medicine Residency

pharmacists in front of Grady ambulanceThe emergency department specialty residency is focused in the care of critically ill and trauma patients. The goal for the resident is to be able to perform in a busy emergency department (ED). Several learning experiences involve the hospital’s ED, which has more than 150,000 visits per year. It is a university-based environment, staffed by physicians and residents from Emory University’s department of emergency medicine. A fast paced environment allows many opportunities for the resident to learn the essentials of emergency medicine and become an advanced practitioner in this area.

Applicants to the Emergency Medicine specialty residency must have completed, or be in the process of completing, a PGY-1 pharmacy residency.

Learning experiences available to the emergency medicine specialty resident include:

Burn ICU (4 weeks) Elective
Cardiology critical care (4 weeks) Elective
Clinical Seminar & Case (longitudinal) Required
EM rotation 1 (8 weeks) Required
EM rotation 2 (8 weeks) Required
EM rotation 3 (management) (4 weeks) Required
EM rotation 4 (education), (4 weeks) Required
Evening & night rotation (4 weeks) Required
Medical ICU Critical Care (4 weeks) Elective
Neurocritical Care (4 weeks) Elective
On-call & staffing assessment (longitudinal) Required
Orientation (4 weeks) Required
Research (longitudinal) Required
Surgical ICU (4 weeks) Elective
Toxicology Clinical Service (4 weeks) Elective
Toxicology didactic experience (2 weeks) Elective


Grady participates in the PhORCAS online residency application process. For more information and application deadlines please see

Requirements for application to the Emergency Medicine specialty residency program:

General Requirements

  1. Successful completion of an accredited PGY-1 pharmacy residency
  2. Personal and leadership qualifications for successful completion of a specialty residency
  3. Eligibility for licensure in the state of Georgia, preferably eligibility for the early June Georgia licensure examination.

Specific Requirements (must be completed by January 1)

The following are required and should be uploaded to PhORCAS:

  1. Letter of Interest stating why the applicant desires a specialty residency at Grady Health
  2. Current Curriculum Vitae (include completed and anticipated residency rotations)
  3. Three (3) references completed on the PhORCAS Recommendation Form.
  4. One recommendation must be from the PGY-1 residency director
  5. Answer the following questions and upload to PhORCAS – Please limit responses to 2 ½ pages total.
    1. What do you wish to achieve by the conclusion of the residency?
    2. Describe the ideal residency program.
    3. Which clinical rotations did you most like and which did you least like? Why?
    4. What would your most recent preceptor say are your strengths and weaknesses?
    5. Describe your most rewarding experience during PGY-1 training.
    6. When will you complete your PGY-1 training?
    7. Will you be eligible to sit for the Georgia practical exam in June?

Applicants invited for an on-site interview may be required to present a professional presentation on a topic related to clinical pharmacy practice (may present residency research project if data collection and analysis has been completed).

For additional questions, please contact Dr. John Patka, Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency program at (404) 616-9413 or by e-mail at [email protected].