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Getting Your Life Back

Chronic pain limits what you can do and affects every minute of your day – your mood, sleep, work, relationships, and overall quality of life. The Grady Pain Center provides a comprehensive range of treatments to help patients become independent and comfortable, and restoring their quality of life.

Our doctors, nurses and other team members help thousands of patients – most of them outpatients – each year using the latest non-narcotic technologies and techniques. But, most importantly, they specialize in you and your needs. We can help you with the best treatment, the support you need, and help to resume your daily routine.

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Why Choose Us

Grady’s Pain Center is staffed by physicians who are double board certified in pain management and anesthesiology. We use a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, combining medication, therapy, minimally-invasive procedures (i.e. injections), alternative medicines, and psychological therapies. Our sole focus is to help our patients manage their pain and ultimately improve their function and quality of life.

And, because chronic and acute pain are often related to other health issues, Grady offers a unique advantage. We’ve spent more than 125 years building the most comprehensive medical services in Atlanta to deliver the best care possible.

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What We Treat

There are countless causes of chronic pain and Grady treats them all. The ones we treat most often include:

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Herniated disc

A herniated disc occurs when a piece of a disc is pushed outside the edge of the disc.  Sometimes this can cause pressure against or irritation of a spinal nerve root which may result in pain down the arm or leg.  When this involves pain down the leg, it is usually referred to as ‘sciatica’.

Back pain

During their lives, 80 percent of Americans will experience back pain, which is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Though caused by many things, conditions most commonly leading to the problem include muscle or ligament strain caused by heavy lifting or awkward movements. Other causes include arthritis, poor posture, obesity, and stress.

Learn more about back pain here.


Neck pain

Acute neck pain is common, and typically is the symptom of prolonged straining, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, stress, wearing heavy necklaces, or osteoarthritis. In some cases, it can be a symptom of a more serious problem.

Learn more about neck pain here.


Joint pain

Joint pain can be chronic discomfort, pain or inflammation involving an part of a joint, including the bone, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, or muscles. It may be caused by strain or a condition like arthritis.

Learn more about joint pain here.


Neuropathic pain

A special type of pain can originate from the nerves themselves that is usually burning, pins/needles, or electrical in nature.  This may happen due to injury to the nerve from multiple causes including, but not limited to, medical conditions (e.g. Diabetes), compression (e.g. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), and trauma (e.g. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

Cancer pain

People with cancer often suffer with pain.  This pain can be caused by the tumor pressing on a nerve, bone, or other organ or by the cancer treatment (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation, surgery).

Chronic trauma pain

Often, people who have suffered traumas experience chronic pain. For example, people injured in automotive accidents often experience ongoing pain long after their original injuries have healed.  Also, people who suffer from post-traumatic stress, such as military veterans and individuals who have experienced physical or emotional trauma during their lives, often suffer from chronic pain.

Learn more about chronic trauma pain here.


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Our Services

No matter what your pain, Grady offers the minimally invasive right treatment option for you. We provide:

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We offer a wide variety of non-narcotic medical treatments to alleviate pain and help patients manage their discomfort.


Spine and joint injections

Injections provide temporary pain relief by sending powerful medications such as steroids to the source of your pain  to relieve pain and improve function and quality of life. We often do epidural steroid injections to alleviate radicular pain (pain down an arm or leg from a spinal nerve root).

Nerve blocks

These injections can be used to help diagnose and manage pain arising from specific nerves.  Injection of medications, such as local anesthetics and steroids, directly by a nerve can provide temporary pain relief and improve function and quality of life.

Radiofrequency ablations

This procedure uses an electrical current produced by a radio wave to heat a small area of nerve tissue to decrease pain signals from that area. This is usually performed for pain originating from joints in the spine once the source has been verified.

Chemical neurolysis

Our physicians use injections of a chemical like ethanol to destroy a sensitive nerve, in hopes of providing long-term pain relief.


Spinal cord stimulations

An implanted device that electrically stimulates the spinal cord to relieve pain.  This can be used for select causes of chronic neuropathic pain (e.g. post-laminectomy pain syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome).

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Make an Appointment

Call (404) 616-1000, Monday-Friday, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. to schedule your appointment.

If you are an existing Grady patient and have a MyChart account, visit MyChart to request your appointment online.

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Locations and Directions

Grady Memorial Hospital
80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

1st Floor

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 4:30 PM

(404) 616-1000 (Main)
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Our Doctors

Every hospital treats patients. At Grady, we strive to treat them better, more efficiently and more effectively. Our mission to care for all who need us attracts physicians from across the nation. They are drawn here by the knowledge that we test the limits of medicine by innovating existing standards of care, researching cutting-edge drugs and therapies, and exploring novel treatments.

Our zeal for innovation has given Grady a national reputation for medical advancement in areas like cancer, burns, stroke, diabetes, infectious diseases, women’s health, sickle cell, and other conditions cared for by specialists in our centers of excellence. Access to all of these accredited practices is available to every Grady patient and our collegial environment means that specialists routinely help to care their colleagues’ patients.

Our pain specialists, who serve on the faculty of Emory School of Medicine, are drawn by Grady’s reputation and mission.

Dr. Brian P. Bobzien

Director, Pain Clinic