Let’s Change Patient Care Together

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It’s time to reinvent patient care. Help us lead the change.

RN Care Coordinators
At Grady, we’re implementing a whole new way of doing things. We’re looking for savvy RN care coordinators to help deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time. We believe patients shouldn’t have to linger in the hospital waiting for care. We’re looking for like-minded nurses who believe it’s time for change like we do. Nurses who are compassionate bed-side caregivers, with a bit of tech know-how, who understand the coordination needed to deliver exceptional patient care.

Bedside Nurses
To do this we’re committed to boosting our staffing ratios. So, we’re hiring more beside RNs than ever before. We want your sole focus to be on our patients and their families. We’re looking for nurses who have hearts a mile deep, smiles a mile wide, and are single-purposed in delivering safe, patient-centered care. Our new care system gives you the strategy and support to make it happen.

Are you in?
Grady’s a place that cares for all who need us. On our best days, it’s a tough job. Treating patients the old way just won’t cut it anymore. To us it’s simple – we’re ready to reinvent patient care.


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