Grady Stories

Grady Stories

A Resident’s First Year At Grady

July 1 marked the completion of my intern year of residency, and it is satisfying to reflect on the growth I’ve experienced as a new emergency medicine physician. There were many lessons learned during each rotation, all of which contributed to improving my confidence and bolstering my compassion.

The transition from medical student to physician is challenging, and interns are especially susceptible to the impostor syndrome. I succumbed to feelings of inadequacy after my first shift in the Emergency Department and countless times after that, but at Grady I have excellent attendings and senior residents who push me to learn and do more– I couldn’t ask for better teachers.

A group of strangers known as my co-interns became family and an integral part of my support system in Atlanta. It took one year to sincerely feel that I am no longer an impostor, but rather someone who is in the process of learning how to be a great physician.

Still, that can’t happen if you do not have a love for the human condition. Grady is a leading safety-net hospital, and it is a privilege to work with patients from all walks of life. Their stories, struggles and triumphs remind me of people I grew up with in my own neighborhood in St. Lucia, close friends, and even family. It brings patient care close to home and makes even the toughest days rewarding. Grady reminds you every day why you’re here, and I have no doubt I’m where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to do.