Grady Stories

Grady Stories

Patient Grateful For Lifesaving Care

Brandi Wallis is all-smiles during a routine check-up at the Correll Cardiac Center.

“I was at work, I didn’t feel right and I asked a co-worker to take me to an emergency room. Luckily I work in downtown Atlanta — so I was very close to Grady.”

Brandi Wallis felt like she was having a heart attack when she walked in to Grady’s Emergency Department on November 16, 2017. As soon as she checked in, she coded.

“The next thing I remember was waking up in the ICU. I was told I was gone for 12 minutes while a doctor did compressions and performed CPR on the way to the cath lab, and eventually underwent emergency surgery.”

Wallis had four surgeries during her one-month stay at Grady.

“It was a traumatizing experience for me and my family. You don’t expect to have heart attack at 43 years old, but that’s what happened. I’m grateful that Grady was there, and the doctors and nurses never gave up on me.”

Wallis may not have learned the names of everyone who cared for her, but she will always remember their kindness.