Grady Stories

Grady Stories

Nurse Finds the Right Fit

“Everyone told me if I work at Grady, the training would be invaluable. So I made it my mission to get here and learn how to be a Grady nurse.”

Khadijah Lyons was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, but relocated to Georgia when it was time to transition from learning in a classroom to treating patients at the bedside.

“In February this year I became a nurse resident in not just any Burn Center – but one with an outstanding reputation both locally and nationally. I knew from the beginning I made the right decision to move to Atlanta.”

Lyons is able to work alongside expert critical care surgeons and nurses, who have given her the chance to cultivate her skills and confidence in a challenging environment.

“It’s a very fast-paced and tough floor, but working with a high-functioning team to develop and deliver the right plan of care to each of our patients is very rewarding. I feel like I’m bragging when I talk to my nurse friends about my experiences here.”