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Grady Stories

Grady Lactation Program Empowers New Moms

Lactation Program Coordinator Kelly Lee, RN, IBCLC, helps first-time mom, Adrian Prather, breastfeed her son, Jahmari

Adrian Prather delivered her baby, Jahmari, at Grady on May 8, 2018, and from the start, breastfeeding was important to her.

“I knew about the health benefits of breast milk, and that it extends beyond basic nutrition,” Prather said.

When the time came to finally try, the first-time mom ran into some trouble with latching.

“It was scary at first because I didn’t want to do the wrong thing. I thought I was hurting my baby and I wanted to give up.”

That’s when Grady’s Lactation Program Coordinator Kelly Lee stepped in.

“When Kelly came to see me in my room, she showed me techniques to help him latch properly, and she gave me the confidence to keep trying. Now I’m a pro,” Prather said.

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and Grady is proud to be 1 of 13 hospitals in Georgia designated a Baby-Friendly hospital.

“Grady is doing an amazing job, clinic to NICU, normalizing breastfeeding and empowering women to feel confident feeding their babies at breast. Seeing a mother smile and comfortably nursing her baby because we helped her learn makes my day,” Lee said.