Grady Stories

Grady Stories

Grady Nurse Soars During In-Flight Emergency

During a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta a few months ago, Grady RN Lolita Jerrell sprang into action without a moment’s hesitation, when a fellow passenger walking along the aisle suddenly collapsed.

“I just jumped up and did what came naturally — provide care,” Jerrell said.

There were no other medically trained passengers on board, and Jerrell expertly assessed the patient, helped clean her up, and communicated with the plane’s captain about the patient’s condition. She stayed by the woman’s side for the remainder of the flight, caring for her with limited medical supplies, but boundless compassion — which made all the difference.

“She was very scared when she regained consciousness. Who wouldn’t be under those circumstances? I told her: ‘I will take care of you like I would take care of my mother. Plus, I am a Grady nurse!’”

Jerrell is an intermediate care nurse on 5J, who showed what it means to live the Grady values beyond the hospital’s walls.

“Doing right and being kind are part of my daily life too. This was one of my proudest moments as a Grady nurse.”