Grady Stories

Grady Stories

Grady Focuses on Delivering Mindful Care

When Kerry Braverman, a wound care specialist in Grady’s Transitions of Care (TOC) Clinic, called her next patient from the waiting room, their cheerful exchange of bright smiles and quick hugs suggested this was not a typical nurse-patient relationship.

Carla McBride-Yates was accompanied by her caregiver and daughter, Patricia Gutierrez, who beamed when asked about her experience at TOC and Grady.

“I prayed to find a provider who could help us because my mother was scared, in terrible pain, and very weak. When we finally found ‘Dr. Kerry’ and this clinic, everything fell into place,” Gutierrez said.

The mother-daughter duo and Braverman met when TOC first opened in January this year.

“When I met Ms. McBride-Yates, she had a chronic non-healing wound after having surgery because of breast cancer,” Braverman recalled. “She had been to many other practitioners across the country, with the wound only getting worse. I worked together with both of them to devise a treatment plan, and so far she has seen tremendous progress.”

Gutierrez believes there were several vital aspects of the plan that made it successful.

“Dr. Kerry taught my mother how to take responsibility for her health at home by tweaking a few lifestyle habits, she included me in her research, and worked with us to find affordable medication to make this an interactive process.”

But as her mother continues to show steady improvement, Gutierrez firmly believes it’s because of Braverman’s mindful approach to delivering care. 

“Her caring goes beyond the physical. She is healing us in a bigger way by getting to know us, making us feel safe, being kind and patient, and truly seeing my mother as a whole person, not just a wound that had to be treated,” said Gutierrez.

Braverman said working together as a team was the only way any treatment plan would work for McBride-Yates to see an improvement in her quality of life.

“Discussing options, listening to concerns, and detailing all aspects of care truly empowers patients and their caregivers to adhere to what’s asked of them.”