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Grady Stories

Grady EMS Academy Focuses On Safe Driving

Moyers said the next phase of training will focus on vehicle maneuvering, which requires all EMS employees to complete a new driving cone course at the driving range.

Grady’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS) recently launched a Driving Simulation Program at its EMS Academy in January 2018 for all EMS employees.

“The number one thing medics do every day but get the least training or education for is driving,” said Vice President and Dean of Education Dr. Steven Moyers.

“With this investment in a state-of-the-art simulator, our EMS providers are being better trained to handle several, potentially dangerous scenarios in a realistic, virtual environment.”

Scenarios include head-on collision avoidance, intersection crash avoidance, pedestrians, bicyclists, and animals entering the roadway, and other real-life causes of crashes.

During these simulations, each medic takes a seat behind the wheel and demonstrates proper steering techniques and vehicle control, while EMS Academy instructors John Rumsey, Clary Mole, Bill Hatchett and Moyers provide coaching and decision-making tips.

“Our hope is these simulations will lead to decreased vehicle contacts, reduced speed, and improved vehicle control,” Moyers said.

The simulator’s software allows instructors to design unique scenarios, in which they can control the weather and traffic conditions.

The two-hour course also entails a classroom lecture, which reviews driving laws, negligence, appropriate use of vehicle emergency equipment, and potential associated risks of legal action.

“This training is required for new hires, and all Grady EMS providers who must take it annually,” Moyers said.