Grady Stories

Grady Stories

Family Returns to Grady One Year Later to Say “Thank You”

Baby Alice celebrates her 1st birthday with mom and dad at Grady.

Sarah Abercrombie was seven months pregnant when she was life-flighted to Grady because of a stroke. It was July 4, 2017, and what was initially supposed to be a quiet Independence Day, turned out to be frantic and terrifying.

“I was scared, but I was also sure we came to the right place because the doctors knew what was going on and what they had to do,” Sarah’s husband, Kevin, said.

Specialists in the Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center stabilized Sarah enough to stop the brain bleed so they could safely deliver Alice two days later on July 6.

“One of the side effects of my procedure was short term memory loss, and I couldn’t remember anything about being at Grady. I couldn’t remember the stroke or having Alice,” Sarah said.

Kevin then split his time between the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where his newborn daughter was, and at home with his wife, as he patiently helped her get her memory back using flash cards, games and a special camera.

“Every day Kevin talked to me about Alice and showed me a live video of her from the NICU at Grady. Because of the NicView camera on her bed, I watched her all day, every day on my phone. That access to her became the key to knowing my daughter and regaining my memory,” Sarah said. 

To show their heartfelt gratitude, Sarah, Kevin, and their family and friends, raised $7,725 for Grady to purchase additional NicView cameras, so that other parents who can’t get to the NICU regularly because of work conflicts or transportation issues, can stay connected to their baby 24/7. Grady was the first hospital in Atlanta to offer this technology.

“I tell everyone Alice is so perfect because of the time she spent in the NICU with those wonderful people. I believe their love and dedication made my baby as sweet as she is today,” Sarah said.

For Kevin, he is able to remember every moment he spent at Grady, becoming close with staff from the NICU and stroke center who reassured him daily that everything would be just fine.

“Everyone treated us like family. Thank you for all you did to save my wife and daughter.”

Making New Memories

This time around, July 4 was spent on the road—as Sarah, her parents and several friends ran the Peachtree Road Race.

“Just the idea of doing something like this one year after my stroke is incredible. I’m grateful. What better way to celebrate? Because of Grady I can do this 10K,” Sarah said.