I applied last year, but was not selected for the Radiologic Technology class that starts in September. I would like to reapply for the next class that starts. How long do you keep an applicant’s folder on file and what is the process to reapply?

An applicant’s folder is kept on file for one year.  The steps to reapply are:

  • Contact the School office at (404) 616-3610, state that you are a previous applicant from last year, and request that the contents of your old application folder be transferred to a new applicant folder for you.
  • Go online at gradyhealth.org/imaging to reapply between September 1 and March 1.
  • Send in the $35.00 application fee to the School office.
  • Since your critical score (SAT, ACT, COMPASS, or ASSET score), official high school transcript (or GED), and official college transcript(s) are on file, you do not have to request new transcripts.
  • If you have taken additional college courses since you applied last year, you must request an updated transcript for your new application folder.
  • Reference forms will be sent to the personal references that you list on your new application.

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