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Joel Felner, MD

Joel M. Felner, MD

Dr. Felner joined the faculty of Emory University SOM in 1974 as Assistant Professor of Medicine, rose to Professor in 1981 and became Associate Dean for Clinical Education 1985. He graduated from Columbia College (1963) and the Cincinnati University School of Medicine (1967), worked at the CDC for 2 years (1969-71), and completed a medical residency at Grady Hospital (1972) and a cardiology fellowship at Emory University SOM (1974).
He wears three hats: (1) Cardiologist at Grady where he directed the CCU for 10 years (1974-1985), the echocardiography laboratory for 38 years (1974-2012) and the senior cardiology elective, that uses “Harvey”-the Cardiology Patient Simulator he helped develop, for 41 years (1978-present). Presently, he reads transthoracic echoes, performs transesophageal echoes and attends Clinic weekly; (2) Associate Dean for Clinical Education, Emory University SOM. He writes the Dean’s Letter for each Senior students’ application for residency and develops the junior and senior students’ schedules; and (3) Created and Directed two medical school courses: the sophomore Pathophysiology Course (1992-2006) and the freshman Cardiovascular Module (2007 -present).
Dr. Felner has dedicated his life to educating the next generation of physicians and scientists. He is consistently recognized as one of Emory’s outstanding teachers and role models. His most recent research interests include the use of transesophageal echocardiography in patients with chest trauma and the development of simulators and computer-based programs for teaching cardiology. He has written 2 echocardiography books, one in 1976 and one in 2010, showing his long-lasting work in this field and has written and lectured on medical education both nationally and internationally.


  • Cardiology

Board Certifications

  • ABMS Internal Medicine


  • Emory University School of Medicine


  • Emory

Education & Training

  • Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Internship: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Residency: Emory University School of Medicine

Honors & Awards

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) American Heart Association Teaching Scholar -1978-81

Teacher of the Year for the American heart Association Council on Clinical Cardiology - 1986

Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award from Emory University - 1996

Evangeline Papageorge Teaching Award - Emory University SOM -1999

Harold L. Fein Teaching Award - University of Miami SOM - 1999

AOA Glaser Award - the AAMC National Teaching Award - 2003

Humanism in Medicine - the AAMC Recognition Award - 2006


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